Our assignment approval control
Details of all your assignments will be confirmed in writing, including:

  • type of assignment
  • fee structure
  • advertising strategy and costs (if necessary)
  • special conditions

The agreement is signed by you and Alto Recruitment

Our briefing process
The key to quick and cost-effective recruitment lies in getting the brief right, and developing an agreed strategy.

We determine recruitment strategy in consultation with our client
Together with your people, we will determine and recommend a strong campaign. Typically, campaigns encompass a combination of approaches.

We receive, acknowledge and track applications
We ensure that all applicants are properly acknowledged and screened, and that their details are entered into our job management system. The system logs all candidates as they apply and follows them through the entire recruitment process.

Candidate assessments
Successful placement relies on our ability to ensure candidates meet the parameters of your job description.

If it is cost-effective, we will take care of the face-to-face interviews, and ask for approval if any travel costs are likely to be incurred. However, experience has taught us that it is often better to conduct initial interviews over the phone and then forward details to you for review. From there, we can progress to the next level.

We will inform applicants, in writing, if they are unsuccessful.

Our behavioural event interviews
Alto Recruitment’s selection methodology is based around behavioural events and competency to ensure that the person you choose for your role is capable of performing that role. Interviews usually take between one and one-and-a-half hours.

Delivering our shortlist to our client
Alto Recruitment strives to supply you with a shortlist of three candidates who closely match your selection criteria.

If your role has been advertised in the print/electronic media, we can usually present a shortlist after around 10-12 working days from the date it appeared.

If a full search has been undertaken for particularly hard-to-find candidates, you can realistically look forward to hearing from us within 15-20 working days.

We do not shortlist candidates who, in our view, cannot add value to your organisation, but we may occasionally discuss high-calibre candidates who lie ‘at the margin’ of your criteria, but could represent excellent potential in the longer term.

Our psychometric/ability assessments
Alto Recruitment has access to a range of psychometric/ability assessment tools which can be tailored to assess the competency match for a diverse array of positions.

We thoroughly check references
Reference checking is a critical component in all assignments. As such, we always thoroughly validate claimed responsibilities, achievements and behaviours with direct managers, peers, subordinates/colleagues and customers (if appropriate). At all times, we respect the provisions of the Privacy Act and professional standards.

Typically, reference checking is conducted after the client interviews are completed but, with the candidate’s agreement, they can also be completed earlier in the process.

We manage the offer-of-employment process
Alto Recruitment can co-ordinate your offer of employment. We begin by extending a verbal offer at the agreed level, then work through any issues which may arise, like counter-offers or last-minute candidate doubts about the role, structure, location, remuneration or prospects.

This can be a crucial phase of the process and may require considerable patience, persistence and skill to get your candidate ‘over the line’.

We follow up
We regularly follow up with both candidates and line managers, but especially upon commencement and at three and six month intervals. Any issues which may emerge are raised with the appropriate individuals, and always with full respect for the employee’s confidentiality.

Alto Recruitment has the will, the track record and the resources to implement and maintain tight control over the management of your recruitment function. As a valued and trusted partner in your project, we ask that:

  • communication is timely, open and transparent
  • decisions are made on time
  • key project milestones are met
  • issues and concerns are raised with us promptly and constructively
  • commercial terms are met on time

We tailor our recruitment approach to meet your special circumstances. It is always our objective to achieve your desired result using the most cost-effective strategy.

Advertised selection
Where advertised selection is considered to be the most cost-effective and expedient approach, we have the knowledge and experience to carefully conceive, craft and execute a successful campaign.

Database search
As a direct result of our Directors’ many years in the recruitment market, Alto Recruitment boasts an extensive network of candidates.

Executive search
Executive search is effective when:

  • the level/nature of the role is such that qualified candidates have a profile and can be identified
  • their are compelling benefits for the targeted candidate, who may be happily employed in his/her current role, and
  • the salary is extremely flexible to accommodate the premium which, in all probability, will need to be offered to attract such a candidate

Job seekers
All Alto Recruitment candidates are treated respectfully and fairly.

  • We always respect confidentiality, and never pass on your details to a third party without first asking permission.
  • An Alto Recruitment Director will personally handle your assignment. You are welcome to call, and will be able to speak directly with the relevant person.
  • We endeavour to obtain a full briefing from our clients to ensure that you have a fair chance of being considered favourably.
  • If your application is unsuccessful, we will let you know by phone or email.

Privacy policy statement
To help you get the most from your career and target the very best opportunities, we need to ask you a lot of questions. Sometimes, we may also need to contact third parties, like your nominated referees, previous employers and work colleagues, and professional associations, or review the results of psychological or competency/aptitude tests.

It is natural that you might be concerned about what we do with your information. In answer to that concern, Alto Recruitment is absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. This includes things like your home address, telephone numbers, email address, employment history, academic qualifications, health (including any disabilities), or any other information about you and your career. Apart from our solid assurance that we will respect your privacy, please feel confident that you are also protected by the Privacy Act 1988, as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Your personal information will only be disclosed with your permission, and only to potential and actual employers and clients of Alto Recruitment and referees. It may also be disclosed to those who conduct our aptitude, competency or personality assessments, or any person with a lawful entitlement to such information.

We store your information in hard copy or in electronic form, and have security procedures in place to protect it from unauthorised access, loss, misuse or alteration. We dispose of your information once it is no longer needed to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, or as required by law.

Please let us know if your information changes. We may also contact you from time to time to make sure everything is up-to-date.